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Frequenty Asked Questions



Can Carnivorous Plants be grown outside?


Many of the plants on display are tropical plants that like to summer outside. These plants benefit greatly from being moved outside once the weather warms up in spring (watch the nighttime temps!) and will reward you with some amazing and beautiful growth. Of course you have to be careful when moving a plant from it’s winter home inside to the out of doors, slowly getting the plant used to the low humidity, wind and sun. Start by putting the plant outside on overcast or even rainy days, and over a period of a few weeks slowly get the plant used to the midday sun. Usually dappled shade (the light from under a tree with leaves and branches up high) is best for the plants. With care, many can eventually take full sun for part of most of the day.

Watering is VERY important for the tropicals outside, and most if not all of them like to be watered every day. It is virtually impossible to overwater a plant that is summering outside. Some of the plants such as tropical sundews prefer to be sitting in a tray of water constantly. Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plants) do well in a hanging pot or on decks, and like to be watered every day but not left sitting in a tray of water.
Plants will need to be taken in before the cold weather arrives (again, watch the night time temps) and will often slow down in growth over the winter. But they can provide a wonderful display for many months of the year outside.

Ask a NECPS member for more information about a specific plant or group.