June 22, 2021
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Growing Guides and Plant Care Sheets

Documents in this archive are in PDF, DOC, or DOCX format as indicated.

"Artificial Lighting for Indoor CP Growth" by Nathan Lovell
"Basic Cultivation of Highland Nepenthes" by Dave Schloat
"Basic Cultivation of Intermediate Nepenthes" by Dave Schloat and Dave Sackett
"Care Sheet for Your Carnivorous Plant Bog" by John Twomey
"Care & Cultivation of Tuberous Drosera" by Johnny Maiocchi
"Carnivorous Plant Cultivation Guide - Genlisea (aka Corkscrew Plant)" by Dave Sackett
"Carnivorous Plant Field Guide" by Emily Troiano
"Carnivorous Plant Water Samples - Collection, Testing and Results" by Don Gallant
"Cultivating and Propagating the Albany Pitcher Plant, Cephalotus follicularis" by Jeff Matteson
"Growing Live Sphagnum Moss" by NECPS
"How To Grow A Healthy Venus Flytrap" by 'Wild' Bill Matthews
"How to Grow Heliamphora in New England" by Emmi Kurosawa
"How to Make a Carnivorous Minibog Planter" by 'Wild' Bill Matthews
"Indoor Dormancy" by Michael and Andreia Stiffler, and George Stiffler
"Outdoor Dormancy, My Technique" by 'Wild' Bill Matthews
"The American Pitcher Plants: Sarracenia sp." by Michael and Andreia Stiffler
"The Temperate Sundews: Drosera sp." by Michael and Andreia Stiffler
"The Tropical Sundews: Drosera sp." by Michael and Andreia Stiffler
"The Tropical Pitcher Plants: Lowland Nepenthes sp." by Michael and Andreia Stiffler
"Planting and Care of Pygmy Drosera Gemmae" by NECPS
"Potting Mixes and Repotting Nepenthes" by NECPS
"Propagating Venus Flytraps" by 'Wild' Bill Matthews
"Propagating Nepenthes By Cuttings" by John Phillip Jr.
"Stratifying Seeds" by NECPS
"Venus Fly Trap Care Sheet" by Jeff Matteson
"Youngsters Guide For Cape Sundews" by NECPS
"Youngsters Guide For Venus Fly Traps" by NECPS


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