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Youngsters Guide To Carnivorous Plants

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There are over 600 naturally occurring carnivorous Plants in the world, and some are naturally easier than others to grow. Here is a partial list of some of the easier ones for kids!  

  • Sundews: Drosera is the Latin genus, try the forked leaf sundew, ( D. binata) Alice sundew( D. aliceae) Cape Sundew ( D. capensis) or D. spathulata, D. graminafolia and D adelae. Sometimes these can be found at better Garden centers and home stores.

Sundew -
Drosera aliciae

  • Venus Fly traps: in Latin, Dionaea muscipula, are unfortunately among the harder carnivorous plants to grow due to dormancy requirements. The good news is they are inexpensive and readily available in spring from many garden centers and home stores.

Venus Fly Trap -
Dionaea muscipula